Top 4 Amazing Myths About Bed Bug Treatment

Top 4 Amazing Myths About Bed Bug Treatment

Bed bugs are such pesky insects that having their infestation in your home is not less than a curse. These blood suckers can greatly deteriorate the lifestyle and peace of mind of a family. Moreover, these pests are not at all easy to get rid of with home remedies. To be very frank, its better to call in a bed bug extermination company to remove these blood driven insects from your property. Though their removal is potentially difficult, there are various myths that can further demoralize an individual from even trying any of the remedies and treatments.

Some of the common bug treatment myths that should not be believed are:

  1. We should bring back DDT to get rid of bed bugs

    This is a quite wrong believe that not only degrades the health of a family, but also affects the environment. Though DDT is a cheap solution, it is not a magic bullet that will kill bugs without any unwanted harms. DDT is a poisonous substance that acts by binding to the sodium pores of blood cells to cause the nervous system to misfire. Bed bugs are and will just remain resistant to DDT treatment.

  2. You can treat bed bugs by using bug bombs

    Bug bombs or defoggers release a pesticide called pyrethrin into the air that is used to treat bed bugs. It is somehow believed to be an effective way for bed bug extermination, but in reality it is not. To kill these blood suckers, its important that you should apply the pesticide directly to the places where they hide. This is not possible with bug bombs as they can’t reach the appropriate spots.

  3. Throw away the infected items to get rid of them

    It is one of the much believed myth that is widely practiced in infected homes. People often discard their belongings like mattresses, clothes, furniture etc. and lit them to fire. This is not the ideal and only way to get rid of these pesky pests. You can call a pest control company to fumigate your home and treat every corner with heat method to kill the bed bugs.

  4. Kill bed bugs by turning up the heat in your home

    Though heat treatment is the best way to get rid of bed bugs, simply turning up your thermostat is not the ideal way of applying heat. If you are applying this method, then make sure your home must be heated over 120º F for an hour or so with all the entrances closed to prevent heat escape. This can’t be done by turning up the thermostat as there is risk of fire hazards.

These are the myths related to bed bug removal that are believed by many. If you are dealing with bed bugs inside your home, consider calling our pest exterminators at Bed Bug K9 service for effective bug control.


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