How To Remain Safe Against Bed Bugs In Hotels?

How To Remain Safe Against Bed Bugs In Hotels?

Are to planning to go out on a vacation or for a business trip? If yes, then you should be well prepared to protect yourself against bed bugs that can ruin your entire traveling experience. These blood sucking pests are known as travelers who crawl over your belongings to accompany you wherever you are going. This is the reason why you can generally encounter them in lodges or hotels. People who are living in bed bug infested properties carry these pests with them and infect the other living spaces like hotels, hospitals, parks among others.

Some tips to protect yourself against bed bugs in hotels are:

  • Do research before booking hotel

    Most people fall victim to bug infestations just because of their carelessness. Before booking a hotel or lodge, research online for finding a reputed one with good customer reviews. You can visit the official site of the hotel to read the visitor testimonials to know about any incident of bed bug bites.

  • Check your mattress & linens

    Once you inspect the hotel room, its time to check the belongings for any signs of bed bug infestation. Carefully look at the mattress to find any skin shedding, bed bug eggs, feces, or dried blood spots. If there are any such symptoms, immediately call the manager and made him aware of the issue.

  • Protect luggage & belongings

    The foremost thing to focus upon while traveling is to protect your luggage against moving bugs. This can be done by avoiding a direct contact between the luggage and the floor. Try not to put your luggage such as suitcase, clothes or purse directly on the floor as there are chances that a couple of bed bugs will crawl over your belongings. Make use of plastic bags to pack your clothes and seal off the bags.

  • Use bed bug spray

    Since prevention is better than cure, its advised to use bed bug repellants to deter away these pesky pests from crawling over your clothes or luggage. Every time you step out of your home, spray some repellent over your essentials, especially if you are heading towards a hotel.

These are few ways to remain safe and protected against bed bugs while staying in a hotel. If your property is invaded by these pesky insects, don’t hesitate to call in our bed bug control professionals at Bed Bug K9 for effective and long term bed bug extermination.


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