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Are you frustrated with bed bugs? Don’t worry, Bed Bug K9 is here to help you. Bed Bug K9 is a leading bed bug canine detection company in Niagara Falls, Guelph, Waterloo, Kitchener, St. Catharines, Oakville, Burlington and Hamilton. K9 bed bug detection service is the most effective service to identify these pesky pests. Dogs have an incredible sense of smell, that’s why they find blood sucking pests easily than a human.

At Bed Bug K9, our dogs are well trained to find the location and scent of bed bugs. We have certified and adept handlers who are fully licensed and insured. They easily understand the body language of their dogs. Our dogs and their handlers are committed to delivering 100% accurate results to you.

How Does K9 Bed Bug Detection Work?

Finding the bed bugs and eliminating them is a very difficult task for human. Human cannot see them with bare eyes. To identify them, you need a partner who is able to recognize these blood feeding pests easily. Adult bed bugs are easy to see, but their eggs and nymphs are very hard to find. K9 bed bug detection dogs use their keen sense of smell to spot the odor of live and dead bed bugs.

How You Brought Bed Bugs Into Your House?

If you have stayed at your friend’s house or in a hotel during your holidays where there were bed bugs or if you suspect red rashes or bitten sign on your body, means you have taken these blood feeding pests back to your house. We often get phone calls from people who have a pest problem. Bed bug dog inspection is one of the best way for quick and complete eradication of bed bugs from your place.

Why Hire Our K9 Bed Bug Detection Services?

Proven and trusted

Because of their keen sense of smell, dogs are capable to detect bed bugs from any location, whether they hide in cracks, under the bed or under the furniture.

Time saving service

A man can take up to one or two hours to properly search the entire room for bed bugs. But, a dog can inspect the entire room within a couple of minutes.

Cutting edge technology

A dog has more than 220 million receptors in its nose. That’s why, its nose is a cutting edge technology and most accurate inspection tool to pinpoint the target.

Greater peace of mind

If you have doubts that you have come in contact with blood-sucking pests, K9 bed bug detection is a service that you need. After hiring our team, just relax and sit back. Our well trained dogs and their handlers know how to perform their job in the right way.

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