The Five Top Lies About Bed Bugs

 The Five Top Lies About Bed BugsBed bugs have become an epidemic and they are infesting hotels, public places, hospitals, houses, restaurants, schools and other places where bunch up. Nowadays, more and more people are becoming aware of this itchy problem and like to call the pest control management to remove these itchy pest from their house.

Bed bugs are creatures that are difficult to be seen and even more difficult to get rid of. When you wake up with itchy welts on your body and also see dark blood spots on your pillow cover and bed sheet, you may have a bed bug infestation. These small creatures are expert travelers and may have followed you after a hotel stay. The good news is these blood sucking pests are not known to carry diseases. But the bad news is they can be difficult to treat.

Here are some of the biggest lies that some people them about bed bugs.

  1. Bed bugs are easily visible to the bared eyes: This is not a lie and also not a truth. You are not able to see younger bed bugs. Adult bed bugs are pretty easy to see. Because these pests are about apple seeds in size. These are rust colored when they are hungry and black when they are full.
  2. The vacuum is enough to remove them: It is true that you can remove bed bugs by using a vacuum cleaner, but it is not a permanent solution. Every time when you use a vacuum to clean your house and empty it after cleaning, make sure you carefully inspect the attachment and the filter.
  3. Bed bugs can fly and jump: This is the top most lie. These pests cannot fly or jump. They can only crawl. It means it is not so hard for them to crawl into things and heading to your house with you. These pests do not have wings, means they are not able to fly.
  4. Only dirty houses get bed bugs: Nope! This is a big lie. You can find bed bugs at anywhere. They are surviving on human blood, not on dirt. That is why it is not right to say that blood sucking pests like to stay in dirty houses. These pests don’t care how you live.
  5. It is easy to treat them: Anyone who tells you this is trying to break you or he has never met a pest problem. Many people may talk about some pesticides, but these pesticides do not offer you permanent solution. In order to remove them permanently from your property, you need professional help. Because you are not able to defeat them without a professional.

By learning more about bed bugs, you are able to deal with them more effectively. Without knowledge and experience treating a pest infestation will be extremely difficult. It is best to hire a professional pest control company like Bed Bug K9 in Ontario to treat your pest problem before you spend the bucks on DIY methods.


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