Bed Bug Canine Inspection Services

Bed Bug Sniffing DogDogs are widely used to detect a number of substances from weapons to mold. Even pest control services are using dogs to sniff out live bed bugs in both residential and commercial areas. If you suspect that you have bed bugs in your home, then just make us a call. At Bed Bug K9, we have trained dogs to detect the bed bug infested areas to help you prevent them efficiently.

Our dogs will quickly and accurately identify the hiding points of bed bugs. A bed bug can lay up to 500 eggs in a life time. So, it is a must to exterminate each and every bed bug and their eggs. Our canines can find the scent of both alive bugs and their eggs for effective treatment.

Specially Trained Canines

At Bed Bug K9, our specially trained canines are known for delivering 100% accurate results. There are people who are skeptical about the use of dogs for bed bug inspection. But, dogs are 70% more accurate than humans with visual inspection.

When you call us, our dog along with the handler will reach your place for inspection. These bloodsucking insects are excellent at hiding. Moreover, it is really difficult to find their eggs as they are extremely small. For effective inspection you can only rely on the incredible sense of smell of dogs. They can detect the smell of live bed bugs and also their eggs.

Why Rely on Our Canine Bed Bug Inspection Services?

Trained Canines

All our bed bug detection dogs are from well-known canine training schools. They find the scent of bed bugs and alert the handler.

Licensed Professionals

Our bed bug professionals are licensed and have years of experience. They have successfully performed hundreds of bed bug inspections.

Honest & Effective

Our clients can always expect honest and effective services from us. We aim to build long lasting relationship with our clients, rather than profit.

Accurate & Affordable

We promise 100% accurate result and affordable solutions. Rest assured, you and your property is in safe and professional hands.

At Bed Bug K9, we are committed to ensuring a safe and clean environment for our clients. We complete the job quickly with little disruption to your home and business.

Areas We Serve

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