4 Amazing Benefits Of Using Canines To Find Bed Bugs

4 Amazing Benefits Of Using Canines To Find Bed Bugs

Are there any blood spots on your pillow cover or bed sheet? Are you getting rashes and spots all over your body in morning? Are you experiencing sleepless nights? If any or all these answers are true, then you are possibly suffering with a bed bug infestation in your home. Bed bugs are tiny pests that hide themselves at such areas from where they are rarely visible.

Since they feed on human blood, they are also known as blood suckers. These pesky pests come to hunt during night and can survive without food for days. Their bites are extremely allergic and cause rashes and itching. These annoying pests are hard to discover due to their small size. The larval ones are not at all visible to naked eyes, while adult ones can be rarely spotted. Due to their hard detection, most of the reputed pest control companies use canines for bed bug detection.

Some of the advantages of using canines for bug detection are:

  1. Dogs or canines are considered best friends and honest companions of human. Unlike professionals, they don’t work for money. These adorable creatures always strive to protect their masters from ever danger. With canine inspection, one can achieve dedicated and proven results.

  2. Bed bug are very tiny creatures and dogs that are specially trained to find bed bugs offer fast and efficient inspection. They can smell the entire building within minutes to notice any traces of bug infestation. Moreover, their smelling power is so strong that even a bed bug hidden in the farthest hole or the deepest corner of a mattress can be easily found.

  3. A professionally trained bed bug detection dog is skilled and qualified enough to detect bed bugs, their larva’s and eggs. No matter, at what stage of life a bug is, it can not escape from a canine.

  4. Dogs are cost effective medium of bug inspection that offers guaranteed results. The actual cost involved depends on the location and area of your property. If are located at a remote location, then the cost can turn out to be substantial. Since canine detection is lot more accurate and quick, it leads to lower reconciliation costs.

For easy and fast bed bug detection, a trained canine can help a lot. If you are regularly experiencing bug bites and are still not able to find these pesky pests, our canine detection service at Bed Bug K9 can assist you.


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